CYPET Technologies Ltd is located in Nicosia, Cyprus and manufactures single-stage machines for the production of the largest possible range of PET containers sizes. Installed CYPET machines are producing from 20 ml miniature bottles, to the largest PET container in the world by far, a 120 litre open mouth drum, with 400 mm neck diameter.

CYPET Technologies delivered its first machine for 18 litre stackable PET bottles for edible oil packaging in 2015. Since then, several additional machines for this application have been delivered, for bottle sizes from 9 to 25 litres, also featuring integrated handles for handling convenience, lower cost and easy recycling. One-piece stackable PET bottles with integrated handles offer an environmentally friendly packing solution, by saving up to 40% raw material, compared to HDPE jerry cans, with a corresponding saving in raw material cost.

CYPET’s unique single-stage technology offers two significant advantages compared to other PET processing machines:

1. For comfortable handling and emptying of the bottles, CYPET machines can produce bottles with an innovative strong integrated handle, which eliminates the need for additional and costly production steps of producing a handle separately and then fitting it on the bottles.

CYPET PET Container with Handle

2. CYPET offers the most productive single-stage system available globally, capable of producing with 4 cavities, up to 25 litre stackable bottles with integrated handles. This is almost twice as productive, compared to the next biggest available machine, having only 2 cavities.

Compared to HDPE jerry cans, PET stackable bottles have the following advantages:

  1. Lower weight by up to 40%.
  2. Transparency and smooth, glossy surface.
  3. Better impact strength and stress crack resistance.
  4. Better gas barrier.
  5. 100% recyclability to food grade PET resin.
CYPET Stackable PET Bottle with handle
CYPET Stackable PET Bottles with handle

CYPET’s design and development team, has designed an alternative PET packaging solution for higher stackability, resulting in the world-first PET-in-Box concept, with many functional features:

  1. Light-weight PET container, inside a carton box, with the box providing the required stackability.
  2. Off-centre neck, for easy pouring of the contents from the side.
  3. Integrated handle for comfortable carrying and easy recyclability.
  4. Cut-out in the carton top face exposing the neck and handle, thus enabling carrying and pouring from the container without having to open the carton.
  5. Cut-out in the carton base with recess on the container, thus enabling tilting the package for convenient pouring of the contents.

A highly productive 4 cavity single-stage CYPET system now in production, is making the world-first PET-in-Box solution, for a 15 kg (16.5 litre) application in Asia.

CYPET Stackable Bottle Pet in Box 2
CYPET Stackable Bottle Pet in Box

Both CYPET solutions for stackable PET packaging are environmentally friendly, can be applied to 8 to 25 litre packaging sizes and are very well suited for the commercial packing of edible oils, household cleaning chemicals, personal care products, kerosene and many other liquids.

April 10, 2019