About Us

CYPET Technologies LTD is an international manufacturer of innovative single stage Injection stretch blow-molding systems. CYPET machines transform PET resin directly into finished PET containers, such as bottles, jars, jerrycans,  kegs and drums.

CYPET’s vision is to add value through innovation – we have so far done this by:

  • Inventing a new system for PET container production.
  • Engineering new types of rigid and flexible handles, incorporated as one piece with the PET containers.
  • Pioneering commercial production of very large PET containers up to 120ltr in size.
  • Inventing a new system for post cooling large PET preforms
CYPET Machine making stackable containers for edible oil

CYPET systems have been sold on all 5 continents via our global network of agents and delivered from our manufacturing facilities in Cyprus and India.

CYPET’s industry-changing innovations have been recognized internationally. CYPET won the Cyprus Innovation Award in 2017 and its PET Drum was a finalist in the global Sustainability Awards in 2019. Throughout its history, CYPET has been awarded both local and EU grants relating to business innovation, helping the company to accelerate the development of its technologies and products.

We focus on PET processing because PET has very good mechanical properties and excellent recyclability. PET can be easily separated from other plastics in mixed waste, can be re-used as re-grind or recycled into granules with equal properties as the virgin material including suitability for food contact. Therefore it can be recycled repeatedly, making it ideal for use in a circular economy.

We are customer focused and commited to maximising the value we provide, not only via the products we sell but also with additional services, technical and commercial support. Whether you are new in PET container production or an established company looking to lower costs, make new products and enter new markets, or an end user looking to vertically integrate, CYPET can offer solutions that maximise return on investment and keep you ahead of the game in an ever more volatile and competitive world.

CYPET is certified with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018.

Jerrycans produced on CYPET machine