About Us

CYPET Technologies LTD is an international manufacturer of innovative single-stage Injection stretch blow-moulding systems for the production of PET bottles, jars, kegs and drums.

CYPET currently offers 3 types of Injection stretch blow-moulding machines:

  • Servo-Hydraulic toggle machines for low energy consumption
  • Servo-Hydraulic Long-Stroke Machine Models for higher productivity and low energy consumption
  • All-electric machines for clean room applications and minimum energy consumption

CYPET’s single stage technology is patented and retains all the advantages of conventional single-stage technologies while adding 3 more: lower investment cost, lower energy consumption and unparalleled flexibility in terms of the range of products (bottle, jars, kegs and drums) that can be produced on the same machine model just by changing moulds.

True to its core belief of creating value through innovation, in addition to the CYPET single-stage process that has been commercialized, CYPET Technologies has developed and commercialized a new, innovative PET preform production system with a novel intensive post cooling arrangement, that makes the system particularly suitable for thick preforms (for 5 – 20 litres large bottles).

The most recent innovation from CYPET is a patent pending system for moulded-in, incorporated handles on PET containers that will give PET bottles the same handle convenience that only HDPE containers could provide so far. The new PET handles are being developed and once commercialized will open up many new areas of application that were so far inaccessible to PET.

CYPET’s dedicated technical team offers services such as design of cost-effective PET packaging, pilot moulding, turnkey project implementation, remote and on-site after sales technical Support.

This project was co-funded by EU funds under two programs for business innovation of the Cyprus Ministry of Commerce and Industry (Selection numbers: and