About Us

CYPET Technologies is a project of M. Sideris & Son Ltd, a family business established in Cyprus in 1968, selling machinery and materials for plastics and packaging. CYPET Technologies has designed, developed, tested and commercialized eight machine models, for the production of PET bottles and jars, applying its own innovative technology, which has been patented globally.

The eight CYPET machine models are single-stage PET machines, which redefine PET processing both economically and technically. They retain all the advantages of conventional single-stage technologies while adding two more: much lower investment cost and much lower energy consumption. Five machine models are based on energy-saving servo-hydraulic injection technology, while the other three machine models are ‘world first’ all-electric machines ideal for clean-room applications.

Following the successful development and testing of the machines, CYPET invested in the necessary infrastructure to support a global sales and marketing effort, including the construction of a new building and installation of equipment for machine production and testing, research and development, customer demonstrations and moulds testing.

CYPET Building, Facilities. About CYPET

CYPET Technologies strives to add value through innovation, creating new technologies in the field of plastics processing, aiming to become a leading global supplier of PET processing machines and moulds. Specifically for the CYPET process our vision is to become the number one global supplier of single-stage PET machines and moulds in the long term, after achieving the number two global position by the end of the decade.

True to its core belief of creating value through innovation, in addition to the CYPET single-stage process that has been commercialized, CYPET Technologies has developed and commercialized a new, innovative PET preform production system with a novel intensive post cooling arrangement, that makes the system particularly suitable for thick preforms (for 5 – 20 litres large bottles).

Yet another PET preform production system has been conceived and patented by CYPET. This second CYPET perform production method involves a simplified post-mould-cooling system, allowing PET preform production with short cycle times on affordable equipment. The new preform production method is under development and commercialization is expected soon.

The most recent innovation from CYPET is a patent pending system for moulded-in, incorporated handles on PET containers that will give PET bottles the same handle convenience that only HDPE containers could provide so far. The new PET handles are being developed and once commercialized will open up many new areas of application that were so far inaccessible to PET.