The CYPET Process is an innovative single-stage process, set apart from conventional single-stage technologies in that it utilises a single clamping unit for opening and closing both the injection and the blow moulds.

CYPET Moulds. Injection and Blow Moulds

As a result, instead of using a specially designed machine, the process utilizes the clamping unit (and injection unit) of an injection moulding machine base, converting it into a single-stage machine by integrating it with a stretch-blowing unit, a set of moulds and a control system. The stretch-blowing unit carries out the functions of transferring the preforms from the injection to the blow moulds, blowing them into containers and removing the finished containers.

Complete CYPET Machine Explanation


How it works

In a typical production cycle, when the clamping unit of the machine opens, the stretch-blowing unit’s blowing manifold moves down into the mould area, picks up both the preforms and the bottles from the open moulds and moves up, removing the bottles from the blow moulds and transferring the preforms to the blow mould cavities.