The innovative CYPET process is based on a composite injection-blow mould set, mounted in the clamping unit of an injection moulding machine base. The novel way of arranging the injection and blow cavities in relation to each other and to the machine clamping plates, is protected globally by patents.

In addition to the CYPET single-stage process, another innovative process for the injection moulding of PET preforms with fast cycle times using an economical post-mould cooling method, has been conceived and patented by CYPET Technologies and is currently under development.

CYPET has also conceived and designed a patent pending system for moulded-in, incorporated handles on PET containers that will give PET bottles the same handle convenience that only HDPE containers could provide so far. The new PET handles are being developed and once commercialized will open up many new areas of application that were so far inaccessible to PET.

CYPET is pioneering in mould design and development, with a patent pending hot runner system that is expected to significantly improve the final bottle quality of its moulds.

There are numerous design registrations around the globe of bottle designs made by CYPET.