While retaining the advantages of conventional single-stage technologies over the two-stage process, the CYPET process offers the following additional value-adding benefits over conventional single-stage machines:

  • Substantially lower investment cost for equivalent outputs, as a result of the use of a technologically mature and economical injection moulding machine base, having ample space and clamping force available in the clamping unit, enabling the use of more cavities.
  • Very low energy consumption, resulting from the use of servo-hydraulic or all-electric technology for the injection moulding operations, instead of the normal hydraulics used by the conventional single-stage machines.
  • Biggest PET container ever produced – CYPET machines are stretching the limits of PET processing from the previous 40 litres maximum size, to 100 litres.
  • All-electric production of containers up to 30 litres capacity is offered, for clean room conditions manufacturing for medical, pharmaceutical or food contact applications.
  • Fast production change-over times for shorter production runs, are made possible with a horizontal quick injection mould change system.
  • Unsurpassed production flexibility is offered by the very wide variety of bottle and jar sizes that can be produced on the same CYPET machine.
  • Reliable Moulds: CYPET injection moulds are designed based on two stage technology and made from stainless steel. To ensure high-quality end products, CYPET injection moulds are equipped with naturally balanced, valve gated hot runner with top quality and well known components for easy maintenance.

PET Processing – CYPET Vs Conventional ISBM