Stackable bottles with integrated handle

November 2017

CYPET Technologies produces stackable bottles with integrated handle

Following on from the successful in-house development of the stackable PET bottle design that is significantly lighter than the equivalent HDPE jerry can, CYPET Technologies have completed the development of yet another technology, incorporating an ergonomic and robust handle onto the neck of the stackable bottle. This reduces the production cost of the bottle since it eliminates the need to produce the handle separately and assemble it on. Furthermore, the risk of the handle unclipping from the bottle during carrying is eliminated.
With the incorporation of the handle onto the neck, PET bottles have been brought one step closer to replacing the outdated HDPE and tin can packages used for edible oils, other foodstuffs and chemicals. Our customers are capitalising on this latest technology, with projects already underway in Greece, Kenya and Sudan, for production of stackable PET bottles of various sizes with integrated handle for use in the edible oil industry.

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