Production flexibility

March 2017

Production flexibility of CYPET Technologies’ Injection stretch blow moulding technology

CYPET’s patented single stage Injection stretch blow moulding technology retains all the advantages of conventional single-stage technologies while adding 3 more: • lower investment cost • lower energy consumption • unparalleled flexibility in the range of products produced on the same machine model

A good example of the flexibility brought about by the CYPET process, is the case of a customer in The Netherlands who wanted to produce two very different types of container, a 20ml oval miniature drinks bottle and a 4.5Ltr square jar with Ø120mm neck. The relative quantities required for each container meant that a very low initial investment and minimum factory floor space was required.
This case fit perfectly with CYPET technology’s strengths and so the K16 model was selected to satisfy these requirements. Just by changing moulds, the machine is able to produce both types of container, the 20ml miniature bottle with 8 cavities and the 4.5Ltr jar with 2 cavities. There is further flexibility to produce even larger container sizes if needed, going up to 10Ltr jars with 1 cavity.

The benefits of the flexible production capability with a cost-effective machine technology are obvious, because it is now essential for any plastic converter to be able to quickly adapt to changing market conditions. For further information about CYPET’s production flexibility and the huge breadth of containers one is able to produce using its patented Injection Stretch blow moulding process, please visit