Lowest Electricity Consumption


* Actual, measured electricity consumption for CYPET machine and mould, excluding auxiliary equipment.

Recent measurements of electricity consumption on CYPET K 28 servo-hydraulic machine, show that CYPET has the lowest energy consumption in the industry, with actual electricity usage for the CYPET machine and mould of only 0.36 kWhrs per kg of finished bottles produced. This excludes consumption for the auxiliary equipment, but thanks to the air recovery system fitted as standard on CYPET machines, net air consumption is minimal, minimizing the electricity used for air compression.

The electricity consumption for the auxiliary equipment is estimated at 0.32 kWhrs per kg of 1 litre bottles production, including resin dryer, air compressors, water chiller and mould dehumidifier. This brings the grand total electricity consumption to just 0.68 kWhrs per kg of finished bottles or jars.

As a result, bottles or jars produced on CYPET machines have the lowest carbon footprint possible, benefitting not only the producer with lower energy costs, but also the environment with lower carbon emissions.