Integrated Handle Containers

March 2018

Changing economies with CYPET’s integrated handle containers

The strong mechanical properties of Injection stretch blow moulded PET, make it a compelling alternative to traditional HDPE packaging. This is because significantly less material is needed on a stretch blow moulded PET container to achieve similar strength to HDPE. Furthermore, the transparency and clarity of PET containers allow direct visibility of the packaged product.

The main disadvantage of PET containers over HDPE ones is in the ergonomics area, where for PET containers an external handle is needed to clip onto the blown bottle, whereas HDPE containers have the handle formed as one part with the bottle.

CYPET Technologies’ demonstration of integrated handle on the neck of PET bottles however, has allowed converters to begin to replace their HDPE containers with lighter weight, glossy equivalent ones made from PET; reaping the economic benefits of doing so.

For example, the 4Ltr and 5 Ltr containers shown below, produced in Europe on a CYPET K53 machine with 6 cavities, directly replace the conventional HDPE container for a range of packaging applications.
The market acceptance of these bottles was so successful, that necessitated a doubling of production capacity within 1 year of the start of production, with an additional K53 machine due to be installed soon.

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