50 Ltr PET Container

Stretching the limits of PET processing to 50 Litres and beyond.

Biggest ever PET containers produced on a CYPET machine.


CYPET Technologies Ltd of Nicosia, Cyprus, manufacturer of single-stage PET processing machines using its own, patented technology, has successfully produced on its CYPET K 28 machine model, the biggest PET containers ever made.

These are a 50 Litre flat-based container for the storage of liquids, powders or granular products, a 50 Litre beer keg and a 35 Litre conical-based container to be used as a fermenter for home brewing of beer.

50 Ltr Family

CYPET claims that its machines are the only ones capable of producing PET containers larger than 40 litres, with its larger machine model CYPET K 53 being capable of producing up to 100 Litres PET containers. Such containers can replace HDPE drums, especially for single-trip applications, resulting in significant weight reduction, with the corresponding substantial savings in raw material cost.

This is a result of CYPET’s innovative technology, which uses just one clamping unit for both the injection moulds for moulding preforms, as well as the blow moulds for stretch-blowing the bottles or jars. By using a strong clamping unit with ample space to house large moulds for big PET containers, CYPET machines are stretching the limits of PET processing to 50 litres and beyond.

With their increased capabilities for container height (up to 850 mm) as well as container body diameter (up to 450 mm), CYPET machines are providing the PET industry with the opportunity to expand its horizons into new applications for the bulk packaging of foodstuffs, beverages, cleaning products and chemicals.

CYPET machines’ unique capabilities also provide for taller bottles with less diameter for equivalent volume, resulting in increased strength, allowing the PET industry to optimize bottle weight in applications like water dispenser bottles.

Dispensers Family

CYPET has patented, designed, developed and commercialized a total of eight machine models ranging from 120 tons clamping force to 530 tons clamping force for the production of PET containers ranging in size from 50 ml to 100 litres, with neck diameters of up to 220 mm. Five of these machine models are based on servo-hydraulic technology for energy saving, while three are all-electric machine models, particularly suitable for clean room production of pharmaceutical or foodstuff containers.

CYPET claims the lowest energy consumption per kilogram of PET processed, based on the servo-hydraulic technology used, but also as a result of the fact that all CYPET machines are fitted as standard with an air regeneration system, recovering the high-pressure blowing air for re-use.

With the much larger PET container size capabilities as well as the energy-saving characteristics of CYPET machines, the PET industry has the opportunity to grow further, penetrating new markets and new packaging applications.